HK Floor Recoating


Frequently Asked Questions

Every 2 to 3 years you can apply new finish with our buff and Recoating process.

Unfortunately we do not move furniture for our services furniture typically has to be removed from the surface areas we are working with.

This depends on your true wear layer of real hardwood that is on the top. A lot of engineered hardwood has to thin of a wear layer. An inspect and test spot is recommended to determine if your hardwood can be saved.

We use the latest equipment on the market to contain as much dust as possible. No process is 100% dust free. We do however have vacuums and bags on our sanders containing as much dust as possible. We also hang zip walls closing off the service areas.

If you want to hide surface scratches and lite wear and tear on your floors; we can deep clean and lightly a-braid (buff) the surface and apply a fresh top coat of finish.

Depending on your square footage the process typically takes 1 to 3 days

Solid wood colors are endless however engineered is tricky it is based on the wear layer available to work with.

Everyday you are able to walk on the floor with stocking feet. You are welcome to stay in your home there is always an odor when it comes to sealing and staining a floor.

During the sanding process you can leave your base boards and shoe molding. However you will need to repaint/touch up as needed from the full service process.

We use oil and waterbase finish products. During our consultation we will go over the difference and what would be best for your active home.

Any furry animal active on a hardwood floor will scratch the surface. Depending on the Shene you pick semi gloss will show more vs a low shene ultra matte finish.

Normally refinishing depending on square footage and color take any where from 5 to 10 business days. I give the range because the staining process adds 3 days to your project.

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